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The Mummy is an adorable film, which will amaze the adult audience. Here you will see such genres, as horror, fantasy, drama and adventures. So, you will enjoy it from the first till the last moment. The premiere of The Mummy will be on the 7th of June in the year of 2017, so you must be ready to watch it.


The Main characters in the cast will make this film really special and you will understand it while watching this cinema masterpiece. Here, when we will name the Main roles, appear:

  • Sofia Boutella.
  • Tom Cruise.
  • Annabelle Wallis.
  • Russell Crowe.
  • Jake Johnson.
  • Chasty Ballesteros.
  • Courtney B. Vance.
  • Javier Botet.

The director of the serial is Alex Kurtzman. The producers are Sean Daniel, Alex Kurtzman, Chris Morgan, Roberto Orci, Sarah Bradshaw, Jason F. Brown, Bobby Cohen, Barbara Muschietti. The scriptwriters are Jon Spaihts and Christopher McQuarrie.


In the new film the Mummy, you will see the events, which take place in Iraq dessert. Here the special operation will be processed and the people must punish the group of dangerous terrorists. The commander is by the name of Taylor Colt. As the result of it, all the special American soldier detachment will die and only Taylor will be the man, who will survive.

There is no relation of terrorists to their death because they were killed earlier. The only reason for all the people deaths is a great evil, which lives in the desert for a long period of time. And now Taylor Colt will come to a meeting with it eye by eye.

In order to survive and to stop the deaths of unguilty people, Taylor will find the way to won the mysterious to won the mysterious creatures. He will have a lot of difficulties and dangerous exams on his way, but there is the only question, which must be solved – could he overcome all this and can he save the humanity from the global death?


This really fantastic film will be really unforgettable, so you must have a piece of free time to watch it. here the greatest fight of humanity will be shown and you will like it. It is so Interesting to watch, how one person believes in his power and he wanted to revenge for all the deaths of people from different countries.

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