The Mountain Between Us

An interesting and fascinating history, a disaster story having, however, the romantic subtext, will appear before the audience this autumn. We are talking about the film The Mountain Between Us, the cinema based on the book of Charles Martin’s. In this movie viewers will see not quite an ordinary story of the plane crash in the mountains, where the couple will make every effort in order to survive.

A new project will be released on the world screens on October 20, 2017, and this date is officially confirmed by the authors and production companies. Whether this movie will differ from other pictures of similar format or not it will be known this autumn. The story is being awaited by the audience around the world, and filmmakers just cannot fail everybody’s expectations.
The Mountain Between Us date release

Creators and Producers

The director of The Mountain Between Us is a Palestinian filmmaker Hany Abu Assad, who borrowed Charles Martin’s novel as a basis of his film. The story is also developed by two people, working as screenwriters – J. Mills Goodloe and Chris Weitz.

Those who are promoting the movie on the Internet and making it popular in mass media are producers, and their crew consists of the following people:

  • Peter Chernin;
  • David Ready;
  • Fred Berger;
  • Jenno Topping;
  • Dylan Clark.

The Mountain Between Us

The two studios producing the cinema are Chernin Entertainment and 20 th Century Fox; the latter is at the same time the main distributor of The Mountain Between Us and the company which was the first to mention an exact release date.

Plot Peculiarities

A man and a woman, flying aboard a chartered flight, suddenly have an accident because of the storm behind, but still alive. The crash occurs in the mountains, and with multiple injuries these two passengers have to survive. In order not to be lost in the mountains, the couple needs to join forces and do everything possible for the last days of their lives not to pass in these mountains. Of course, the movie will not do without a love story, as, judging from the description of the film, it contains some romantic moments.The main actors taking part in The Mountain Between Us are such as:

  • Kate Winslet, playing the role of the main heroine Ashley;
  • Idris Elba, presenting the other character Ben;
  • Adam Lolacher, whose character is Joel;
  • Tintswalo Khumbuza, acting as Sarah;
  • Marci T. House, playing the role of an Airline Representative.

The Mountain Between Us

Anticipated Release and Viewers’ Interest

The premiere of the movie is scheduled for October 20, 2017. The audience is eager to see brilliant acting and a catching plot, hoping that the film won’t be postponed. Stay tuned to know about possible changes in the schedule and get important news concerning the cinema.

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