The Maze Runner 3 Release Date

The Maze Runner 3 release date was announced
The Maze Runner 3 release date was announced. Many of the fans in different countries want to know when will The Maze Runner 3 movie be released? Date of the third part is rumored.
After the release of the first film in the rental of this franchise, one hundred aware of plans to shoot part 2. Later director Wes Ball said that the series will be three Maze Runner movie. In an interview with Digital Spy, he shared his vision of the franchise. According to the director, each new film will be an adaptation of a book in the trilogy.
"I think that the three films is the most it. Will be the beginning, middle, end, that’s all. The Fourth Maze Runner? I think there is a small chance the fourth part, but this is too early to say "- says Wes.

The Maze Runner 3 release date

In the new part of the franchise, protagonists will reveal the secrets of the labyrinth and the outside world.
Some movie projects say that the franchise cannot end after the third film. For those who do not know, James Dashner also wrote a prequel to the Maze Runner called The Kill Order.

The Maze Runner 3 released date was set for 2017 (approximately).
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