The Martian Release Date

The Martian release date

The Martian release date has been confirmed. The production and trailers have already been revealed.

Prometheus and Interstellar movies revived the public interest in space and science fiction films. In the wake of this fashion in 2012, a book by Andy Weir’s Martian has been released. The first is the product of a man who for many years worked as a programmer and first tried his new role, gained popularity around the world and became a bestseller. Rights to it were bought very quickly, and the film adaptation was written very quickly.


In the near future, mankind has sent several missions to Mars. The most recent mission called "Ares-3" because of the emergency situation had to stop work and leave the extra red planet. It is approaching sandstorm, and the astronauts had no choice. Because of the raging elements engineer Mark Watney seriously injured suit. His colleagues thought he was dead, and flew away from the planet, leaving Watney alone. When Mark came to, he found that due to the Earth does not have. But work properly autonomous housing, also left the mission. Now Mark is one task – to hold on to its existing stocks of food, water, vitamins and oxygen a few years, as long as Mars will not come next mission – Ares-4.

The Martian release date has been confirmed

Interesting Facts

Initially shooting was given to Drew Goddard, the writer and director who worked at The Cabin in The Woods. Drew even wrote the screenplay for "Martian", but due to other obligations to the studio, he was unable to direct the project and was replaced by Ridley Scott – the master of the science fiction genre, who, however, cannot boast of ease and irony of Goddard. That is why The Martian premiere causes so many rumors and hype around itself.
The main role in The Martian is played by Matt Damon, who has played recently an astronaut in Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. The irony is that Damon in "Interstellar" also spent many years in solitude on another planet – and in The Martian he is also left alone on the totally new planet. In addition to Damon, Jessica Chastain will also participate in the movie (also starred in Interstellar), Kate Mara, and the British actor Sean Bean.
The Martian release date is scheduled for November 25, 2015.
The Martian release date on Bluray and DVD is planned for the end of 2015.
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