The Lake

The admirers of thrillers are going to receive a fresh portion of thrilling emotions with the upcoming movie called “The Lake”. What is the film going to be about exactly? Let’s give the most overall answer to this question.

Short review

The Lake Movie 2016 Poster
The one and the only Luc Besson and Richard Wenk (known for his work on the “The Equalizer” project) have taken over the duties of screenwriters.
The directory matters are given to Steven Quale famous for creating “Into the Storm”.
According to Deadline, J.K. Simmons (known for his role in “Whiplash”) has been affiliated to the cast of Luc Besson’s action thriller titled” The Lake”. It will not be a great role for the recent Oscar winner but it seems that no one could better depict a Rear Admiral than he at the moment. He is created for this role.
The cast of the anticipated thriller also includes Sullivan Stapleton, Charlie Bewley (noted for the acting in “Twilight”), and Diarmaid Murtaugh (famous for his part in “Sons of Liberty”).
Steven Quale, who created WB’s top-grossing film under the title “Into the Storm” (which box office sales compose by the way $152 million), is not to work with such underwater projects. He was the member of the directory team in “Aliens of the Deep” together with James Cameron and also assisted him on such projects as “Titanic” and “The Abyss.”
The production of the upcoming thriller began yet in April 2015.
The star cast also includes such big names as Sullivan Stapleton and Sylvia Hoeks.
The distributor company is going to be EuropaCorp. The main executive producer is again Luc Besson.


As we have already noted, Simmons has a small role as the Rear Admiral and severe boss to the SEALs who doesn’t exactly welcome what his team is busy with but supports them notwithstanding.
Bewley is playing the hearty Stanton who takes a keen love interest in someone (however, the actress is yet to be chosen by the director) and runs wool-gathering thinking about what life would be like outside of the military.
Meanwhile, Murtagh is playing Duffy, the most self-analyzed SEAL who is a bit weirder.
The plot enlarges upon a team of Navy SEALs under a strict control of the Rear Admiral. They are given the task to clarify the long-forgotten mystery discovering enormous underwater treasures ensconced in a Bosnian lake in war-torn Serbia.

When to expect the appearance of the film?

Though the filming has already begun, The Lake official release date is appointed for January 20, 2017, in the American theaters. However, it is curious that originally the action thriller was scheduled to debut in July this year. For some unknown reasons and much to the regret of the viewers, the developers moved the launch to January. And it’s the entire half a year. Thus, we are to watch the premiere almost in a year. This comes to be not so pleasing news. There is nothing left but wait for the premiere to come and see whether our anticipation was worth experiencing.


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