The House (2017)

A lot of humor, fun and awkward moments – all this is awaiting viewers in an upcoming comedy film The House. The filmmakers have tried to make all the movie characters look plausible and consistent with the image of an average American family. But at the same time situations, in which the characters get, are extremely comical and are hardly possible in real life. Anyway, the public is not interested in this, but in what can not be wet frequently in ordinary life. The new film will be presented on June 30, 2017, and when the movie will is released, the majority of cinemagoers definitely will enjoy the view and will be pleased with creators’ ideas.

Authors and Developers

The film The House is directed and created by Andrew J. Cohen, a scriptwriter and director from the US. In the process of writing the script of the movie he was helped by Brendan O’Brien, another American writer working in tandem with Cohen.
The House (2017) Release Date
There are a few producers also working in the film are doing their best for the picture to be released as soon as possible. The crew of these people contains the following professionals:

  • Marc S. Fischer;
  • Jessica Elbaum;
  • Adam McKay;
  • Chris Henchy;
  • Will Ferrell, who is also the main character of the film.

The company which first announced an exact release date of The House and which is distributing the cinema is well-known to everyone Warner Bros. Pictures.

About the Film

Scott and his wife is rather an ordinary couple. But the propensity to gamble do not bring them up to anything good, as husband and wife, being carried away, lose all the money that was set aside for their daughter’s education. To somehow correct the situation, and at least partially compensate for a huge damage, they decide to open in their basement a secret and illegal casino. For this purpose it is necessary for Scott to convince his friends for them take part in this adventure and invest money in this dubious project.  If the characters manage to get their idea, the audience will know very soon.
The cast of the movie consists of such actors as:

  • Will Ferrell presenting Scott;
  • Amy Poehler playing the role of Scotts’ wife;
  • Andy Buckley in the role of Craig;
  • Cedric Yarbrough who presents Reggie;
  • Andrea Savage whose character is Laura and others.

Summer Premiere and Expectations

As it has been mentioned, the movie is to air on June 30, 2017. The public now is waiting for qualitative humor and believe that the cinema will be as interesting as it is promised. Stay tuned not to miss the premiere and make sure that all the details of an upcoming The House – cast, plot, etc. – are worth seeing and recommending to friends.


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