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The House is a great comedian film, that was produced and created in the USA. People, who want to have fun, must watch this cinema masterpiece when it will appear in the broadcast. The premiere of the film The House will be on the 30th of June in the year of 2017.


You must know, that here appeared a lot of movie stars in this film. But, in order to present you the general information, you must pay your attention to the main cast:

  • Will Ferrell.
  • Amy Poehler.
  • Allison Tolman.
  • Michaela Watkins.
  • Andrea Savage.
  • Andy Buckley.
  • Rob Huebel.

The director of the film is Andrew Jay Cohen. The scriptwriters are Andrew Jay Cohen and Brendan O`Brien. Among the producers, we must mention Jessica Elbaum, Will Ferrell, Marc S. Fischer, Chris Henchy, Adam McKay, Brendan O`Brien.


The Film The House will present you a story about two married people, who decided to collect money for the education of their daughter. But then all the money were wasted for a couple of days, so now they have an aim to earn a huge amount of money as soon as possible.

One of their best ideas was to open the casino in the basement of their house. And they decided to do it. Of course, that was illegal and they understand all the consequences, which can occur. But they didn’t give up because they need to get a big money now.

When they decided, that this is the only one quit from the situation, they started to work on the basement appear – they do everything to create a good atmosphere. Then they decide to talk with their friends – they invite them to their business because they have no money to develop it. So, in a short period of time, a lot of people know about it and that started to bring them a good income.

They solve a lot of problems with help of this money. But some of the players wouldn’t want to lose big money, so sometimes they started to be angry with them. Of course, here they will have a lot of problems. And to know more about them, you must watch this amazing cinema masterpiece.


If you are a risky person, that film will be attractive for you. Here the ordinary people are shown and with help of great wish they reach their aim and become one of the happiest people in the world. So, that movie will help you to believe in your power and opportunities.

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