The Hopes for Step Up 6

Every couple of years, Summit Entertainment in cooperation with Offspring Entertainment treat us with a new chapter of the dance movie series Step Up. We’ve seen five parts of the franchise so far. When will Step Up 6 be released and what will it be called? Can we hope to see a new episode in 2016?
The Hopes for Step Up 6 Release Date

Step Up 6: The rumors

With a box office four times larger than budget, the hyper-popular Step Up dance movies has all the chances to happen. The producers are rather tight-lipped. Too little information is available. But IMDB already hosts the film’s page and even provides some insight into the plot. According to them, Step Up 6’s plot involves the events after the great win in Las Vegas and the consequent journey to the Hollywood Hills. There is a high possibility that we’ll see all the celebrities from the previous film, Step Up: All In (2014).
The Hopes for Step Up 6 Release Date

Popularity of the Step Up franchise

The popularity of the movie series is easy to understand. Everyone likes entertainment, especially with a rich combination of sound, visual effects, the beauty of dance moves. And, of course, a little bit of human drama. The franchise now has a lot of fans in both Americas and all over the world. Since the last movie’s box office exceeded its budget twice over, the new movie will probably be even more stunning. We hope that the good tradition will continue,  and Step Up will be out in November 2016.
Are you eager to watch the sequel to the Step Up series on the big screen?

Update: Step Up 6 Status

For some reason, some of the subscribers insist that we release the release date for the sixth season of Step Up. How’s that unusual? Well, although the date we gave out initially was not precise, it was still pretty accurate. Indeed, the new episode of Step Up 6 came out in November last year. It has been out for a month and a half by now.
So yes, the 6th part is out and has been out for quite a time. Make sure that you subscribe to never miss an important update.


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