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The Greatest Showman is an amazing film, that was created in the United States of America. Here you will see the movie, in which a lot of biography, musical, and drama elements occurred. The premiere of the film The Greatest Showman will be on the 18th of January in the year of 2018.


When there is a need to underline the cast of actors, here we must mention only the general characters. So, they are:

  • Rebecca Ferguson.
  • Michelle Williams.
  • Hugh Jackman.
  • Jack Efron.
  • Zendaya.
  • Diahann Carroll.
  • Fredric Lehne.

The director of the film is Michael Gracey. The scriptwriters are Michael Arndt, Jenny Bicks, Bill Condon. Among the producers, we must name Deb Dyer, Hugh Jackman, Peter Kohn, Donald J. Lee Jr., Laurence Mark.


Here in the center of attention, you will see Fenians Taylor Barnum, who is a famous showman of America and the most influential personality of American show business in the 19thncentury. His hoax brings him the main popularity all over the world. So, one day he decided to organize a traveling circus, which is called Barnum & Bailey Circus.

He had a special talent — he easily manipulated the public and is also found of all sorts of miracles, which he showed to unsuspecting viewers. The first extraordinary personality in his exposition is a black slave. Here he wanted to show, how the 160-year-old nurse of George Washington can look like.

You will be surprised, but the audience believed him, so his speeches were always full. When the Negro woman died, Barnum began to show midget of Charles Stratton. Here the audience will see the Siamese twins Chang and Eng Bunker. Also, he presented the Indian dancer Du-Ham-Mi.

Together with him, all these people toured not only in America but also in Europe. N the year of 1871in New York, he decided to organize an incredible show, which will combine circus, zoo and a freak show. The main curiosity of this show was the sixteen-year-old boy from Russia by the name Feodor Evtishev, who had a dog muzzle.

In the year of 1885 Barnum together with James Bailey organized the Barnum & Bailey Greatest Show On Earth. The main highlight of the circus was Jumbo elephant, which they bought in the London zoo. So, this hoaxer is the most important revolutionary in the world of entertainment, which could attract the attention of every sophisticated viewer.


That film will be really accomplished and interesting for all the ages.

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Zendaya In Talks To Join Greatest Showman On Earth

Zendaya in talks to join Zac Efron in Hugh Jackman’s "The Greatest Showman"

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