The Flash (2018)

As it has been announced this year, Rick Famuyiwa has signed up a contract to lead this motion picture about a concrete superhero to the success serving as a director. This happened after the departure of Seth Grahame-Smith when he parted his ways with the producers from Warner Bros.
Nevertheless, quite recently Famuyiwa has decided to refrain from those directorial duties in this film, due to some creative differences with the team of producers. So, now it is unknown who will be shooting the project.
The Flash (2018) Poster
As for the acting cast, it is more or less a determined issue. The flick will star:

  • Ezra Miller,
  • Billy Crudup,
  • Ray Fisher,
  • Kiersey Clemons and others.

The crew of producers includes Jon Berg, Geoff Johns, Richard Suckle and some others. The scriptwriters are Seth Grahame-Smith, Harry Lampert, Christopher Miller, and Phil Lord.

What do We Know About the Story?

If you are a follower of DC Comics, you should who Barry Allen is. He used to be a scientist but one day working in his laboratory he becomes a victim of an accident, with him soaked with the deadly portion of chemicals. He managed to survive and obtained a skill of moving at super-speed. From that moment, he has turned into the superhero who saves Central City from the threats it faces.
The Flash (2018) Cast
This is only the origins of the central character of the future motion picture. What will be shown in it remains to be revealed. One fact is obvious that it will have a light-hearted tone except for Batman v. Superman where everything is conveyed in a dark and too serious manner. Ezra takes the role of a super funny character, as we know so we have all grounds to say that the story will exceed the previous parts in the hilarious and entertaining moments by no means.
On a side note, Miller appeared as the crime-fighting hero in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in Suicide Squad, before joining the team of DC heroes in Justice League that will come out next year.

Scheduled for Release

Though the flick is just at the status of development and castings, The Flash release date has been already determined. According to the schedule, it appears in 2018, exactly on March 15 in the whole world and on March 23 in Russia. Prior to this premiere, Miller’s version of the Scarlet Speedster will appear in the upcoming Justice League movie that plans to hit theaters on November 17, 2017.


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