The Death of Stalin (2017)

Historical dramas based on documentary chronicles and eyewitness is a format that is not too popular in modern cinema, where a greater preference is given to blockbusters and action films. But if the work is carried out by a professional team of creators, the film will definitely guarantee a great success with the public. The upcoming picture The Death of Stalin, which is due to air 2017, is likely to be such a project, which will attract a lot of attention of the public and reveal the secrets and mysteries of one of the greatest politicians of the 20th century. All of the events described in the film have a historical basis and can be treated as completely reliable.

Authors and Producers

The Death of Stalin (2017) Poster
The man who decided to develop the story about Joseph Stalin and present it to the whole world is Armando Ianucci, a Scottish director and writer, who borrowed the idea of his project form Fabien Nury’s work having the same name. The script of the future documentary movie was also written by Ian Martin and David Schneider.
The team of producers who are almost ready to present the cinema release date consists of such professionals as:

  • Laurent Zeitoun;
  • Jean-Christophe Colson;
  • Kevin Loader;
  • Nicholas Duval Adassovsky;
  • Yann Zenou;
  • Sarah Wheale.

The company producing this British-French picture and responsible for its air date is Main Journey, Quad Productions.

Plot Review

Joseph Stalin is one of the greatest political figures who has made a huge contribution to the world order in the 20th century. The identity of this powerful politician is still shrouded in a mass of mysteries and puzzles, and many witnesses to his life and activities still can not agree in opinion about who is it that Stalin was: a bloody dictator or savior of the Soviet people, by means of whom World War Two was won.
The Death of Stalin (2017) Spoiler
The cast of the movie includes the following actors:

  • Adrian McLoughlin;
  • Olga Kurylenko;
  • Timothy Dalton;
  • Andrea Riseborough;
  • Jeffrey Tambor;
  • Michael Palin;
  • Steve Buscemi and others.

Viewers’ Expectations and Soon Release

It is likely that after the premiere The Death of Stalin will gather a huge number of reviews from critics and audiences. It’s impossible to say with sure and certainty that absolutely all the reviews will positive, but the movie hasn’t been presented yet, and it is difficult to say how it will be estimated by the audience. It’s little time to wait for the finale release, because the picture will debut in 2017, so all the details and the interesting facts of this project will be known very soon.


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