The Dark Tower

A large army of fans of the great contemporary writer Stephen King exults: soon on the screens around the world will air a new film based on one of the most famous cycle of novels of the famous writer – The Dark Tower. This movie will surely be popular with the public, because the books written in this series are published in large quantities all over the world, and stories about parallel worlds described by King are familiar to almost every reader. An exact release date of an upcoming film is already known: it will be presented on July 28, 2017. Whether the authors will be able to reflect the mood of the story as viewers want it, it will be known next summer.

Creators Crew

The cinema is directed by Nikolaj Arsel, a filmmaker and author from Denmark. Taking the stories written by Stephen King, Arsel is working with a crew of professional screenwriters, developing the story. They are:

  • Anders Thomas Jensen;
  • Jeff Pinkner;
  • Akiva Goldsman.

The Dark Tower date release

Another important crew consists of professional producers responsible for the film to be known among the audience and have popularity in mass media. These people are such as:

  • Ron Howard;
  • Stephen King, the author of the written stories;
  • G. Mac Brown;
  • Brian Grazer;
  • Erica Huggins;
  • Cheryl Eatock.

The company which is going to present The Dark Tower and the one which is the main distributor of the picture is the world famous Columbia Pictures.
The Dark Tower

About the Film

An 11-year-old boy Jake Chambers accidentally discovers some strange evidence of the existence of a parallel world. Studying this riddle, he meets a lonely knight Roland Deschain, who is in search of a mysterious Dark Tower, and is seeking to keep the new world in balance. But this struggle is greatly complicated bynumerous tests, which accrue to the stranger. A large number of enemies want to prevent Roland from fulfilling his mission. Not only the fans of Stephen King’s creativity will surely enjoy an upcoming story creativity, but also all the fans of mystery and adventure films. The cast of The Dark Tower is selected carefully and includes the following vivid actors:
The Dark Tower

  • Idris Elba;
  • Katheryn Winnick;
  • Tom Taylor;
  • Jackie Earle Haley;
  • Matthew McConaughey;
  • Abbey Lee and others.

Soon Premiere and Prospects

The movie is going to air on July 28, 2017, and this date is a definite point being impatiently awaited by the audience. The Dark Tower will undoubtedly be popular, but to know if the creators have managed to please the public and producer a worthy cinema, stay tuned and find out of all the peculiarities of the film and any news from the authors.

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