The Current War (2017)

Using historical figures in the film is a very interesting director’s method, because to see the way of life of one or another famous man, even in the interpretation of the authors of the movie is rather interesting. A biographical picture The Current War, which is scheduled to be released in 2017, will present two brilliant inventors, Thomas Edison and his opponent George Westinghouse. Viewers will see the well-known opposition of these great men, and some for the first time will learn about their so-called war. An upcoming picture will certainly appear on the screens in 2017, but more accurate information about the release date has not yet been announced by the authors.

The Crew of Creators

The Current War (2017) Cast
The person who decided to develop the story about these great people is Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, an American filmmaker. The person who helped him in writing the script of the film is Michael Mitnick, a professional writer.
The crew of developers of the cinema and those who are responsible for working with the press and mass media consists of producers, and the most well-known of them are such as:

  • Timur Bekmambetov;
  • Adam Ackland;
  • Steven Zaillian;
  • Basil Iwanyk;
  • Garrett Basch.

The company distributing The Current War is The Weinstein Company; production companies developing the movie are Bazelevs Company, Thunder Road Pictures and Film Rites.

About the Film

The main characters of the cinema, as it has already been mentioned, are Thomas Edison, an inventor and businessman from America, and his opponent George Westinghouse, an engineer also from the US. Their “war” started at the end of 19th century was connected with developing of electricity. They were working for the world to use only one system of current. Their war finished only at the beginning of 21st century, when America started using alternative current instead of direct.
The cast of the film includes a number of vivid and world famous actors:

  • Benedict Cumberbatch (he present Thomas Edison);
  • Michael Shannon (he plays the role of George Westinghouse);
  • Nicholas Hoult (his character is one more great inventor Nikola Tesla);
  • Katherine Waterson (she plays the role of Marguerite Erskine);
  • Tom Holland (he presents Samuel Insull) and a few others.

Soon Premiere and Viewers’ Interest

The start of filming took place at the end of 2016, and its’ probably that all the process of shooting will have been finished by the end of 2017. It’s the only information which is available now, but if any data appears, this news will definitely be announced on the Internet. Stay tuned to get all the necessary details and be aware of the date of release.


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