The Commuter

If you remember all the films, which take place in a confined space, many of the paintings clearly deserve the viewer’s attention. A similar situation will be presented to the audience in a new thriller The Commuter, a film with elements of action movie, which, despite the small number of scenes, takes place very interesting and mysterious story. In addition, the cast of the picture is star, so viewers will certainly see great acting and equally fascinating story. Due to the fact that an upcoming cinema is a joint product of the two countries, the air dates are different for one week: in America the movie will debut on October 13, 2017, and in the UK the release is planned for October 20, 2017. Since the authors have already managed to intrigue the audience, all the viewers are looking forward to the premiere.

Authors and Producers

The whole story of The Commuter is created and directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, a filmmaker from Spain, who has been working together with another two writers responsible for the script of the film – Byron Willinger and Philip de Blasi.
The Commuter date release Mandatory Credit: Photo by Samuel de Roman/DYDPPA/REX Shutterstock (4587403k)
Liam Neeson

The movie wouldn’t be so popular and known to the public if the crew of producers didn’t develop it. These professionals do their best for the picture to gain success and be recognized. Among those who are involved in the process of producing are such people as:

  • Juan Sola;
  • Michael Dreyer;
  • Alex Heineman;
  • Andrew Rona.

The companies playing the roles of main distributors are Lionsgate, presenting the movie in the US, and StudioCanal, distributing The Commuter in the UK.
The Commuter

Brief Review

The life of Michael, who is an insurance agent, is pretty boring and monotonous, and his daily routine is to go to work and from work on the same train. But during one of these usual trips Michael becomes an unwitting participant in someone’s terrible game, and now he has to find a mysterious and dangerous passenger who is a threat to all the other people on the train. The trip turns into an investigation, and the danger is threatening to absolutely everyone.The cast of the Movie is surely worth mentioning as many actors are vivid and known to cinemagoers. Some of them are such as:

  • Liam Neeson;
  • Jonathan Banks;
  • Vera Farmiga;
  • Sam Neil;
  • Patrick Wilson;
  • Dean-Charles Chapman;
  • Elizabeth McGovern and others.

The Commuter

Possible Rating and Viewers’ Expectations

Due to the star cast of an upcoming film The Commuter is already being awaited impatiently. The picture is likely to be watched by a number of viewers, so the movie will definitely gain popularity. It’s still early to talk about possible success of the cinema, but stay tuned to make sure on your own that the film is worth watching and the creators have made a high quality movie.

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