The Commuter (2017)

A mysterious and even frightening story, which, however, the audience is so fond of, will be presented soon on all the screens of the world. This is about the picture of The Commuter, a thriller with elements of action film, full of dynamics and constant changes of action. A twisted and unpredictable plot, great acting, and a lot of changing and unexpected events – all this is waiting for the public very soon. A final movie release date is already known: as the film is produced by two countries (the UK and the US), in America the cinema is to air on October 13, 2017, and in Great Britain it will happen a week later on October 20, 2017. These dates have been officially confirmed by the producers and production companies, so the public now is intrigued.

Creators and Authors

A Spanish filmmaker and producer Jaume Collet-Serra is the director of The Commuter. This talented man is working with two professional screenwriters making the story interesting for the audience and writing the script – they are Philip de Blasi and Byron Willinger.
The Commuter (2017) Release Date
But there are also a few people responsible for the developing of the movie among the public and presenting all the official news regarding the premiere and other important things. These are such producers as:

  • Andrew Rona;
  • Michael Dreyer;
  • Juan Sola;
  • Alex Heineman.

The two distributors officially presenting release dates of The Commuter in two countries are Lionsgate (America) and StudioCanal (Great Britain).

About the Movie

Insurance agent Michael daily commutes to and from work on the train, and this trip is a part of his routine life, full of monotony. But suddenly everything changes when one day on a train happens something extraordinary, and Michael is forced to find a mysterious passenger who is a threat to all. Trying to solve this problem, the man realizes that he becomes a member of someone’s dangerous game, and now he needs to figure out which plan the culprit has and how he, Michael, can solve the puzzle he faces with.
The star actors performing the cast of The Commuter are undoubtedly worth mentioning:

  • Liam Neeson;
  • Sam Neil;
  • Jonathan Banks;
  • Vera Farmiga;
  • Patrick Wilson;
  • Elizabeth McGovern;
  • Dean-Charles Chapman and others.

Film’s Soon Release and Viewers’ Interest

As it has already been noticed, in two countries the movie will be presented with the time difference of one week. The lovers and mysterious thrillers are eager to watch the film and believe that the creators’ project will not fail their expectations. Stay tuned not to miss the premiere and know all the facts and news presented by the authors themselves.


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