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The Case of Christ is a drama film, that was created in the USA. Here you will see a curious story, that will be appreciated only by adult people. The premiere of the film The Case for Christ was on the 24th of January in the year of 2017 and you can watch it at any suitable moment.


This film is rich on talented and famous actors in the cast. And, among them, you will see a lot of people, who will amaze you. They are:

  • Mike Vogel.
  • Erika Christensen.
  • Faye Dunaway.
  • Robert Forster.
  • Frankie Faison.
  • L. Scott Caldwell.
  • Mike Pniewski.

The director of the film is Jon Gunn. Among the producers, we must mention Brian Bird, David de Vos, Elizabeth Hatcher-Travis, Karl Horstmann, Brittany Lefebvre, Michael Scott, David A. R. White, Alyson Wolfe. The scriptwriter is Brian Shanley.


The Case for Christ is a film which is based on the New York Times bestseller, that appeared in the year of 1980. It is an unusual story of the famous atheist, who is known as the remarkable journalist. In the first episodes, you will see his journey from the skepticism to the faith, that the Christ is now existing. It was very hard for this man of being a person without faith, so he decided to be involved in the other faith – it helps him to feel himself alive.

You will know a lot of information about the people with faith. The man, who is the main character here, will introduce you his life with all its advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes, he is faced with the situations, that are so fascinating. And if he understood, that there is nothing to do, he decided to use his frantic appear and it helps.


Did you ever think of the people, who have the faith in one or another religion? Their lives are so excited, that you couldn’t even imagine it? The main aim of the film is to show, what life changes can happen if the person decided to change his life on the other side.

If your aim is to watch the amazing film with the perfect and unusual plot, this one will be the most interesting for you. A lot of people have already watch it and when they do it, they have a lot of good thoughts about it. So, if your aim is to become a better person, than you are and exciting films helps you to have the life, full of interesting moments, this cinema masterpiece must be watched by you.

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