The Bye Bye Man

The evil side of the human actions will be exposed in the upcoming horror drama entitled as “The Bye Bye Man”. The launch date is already known as December 9, 2016. So let’s be prepared for accepting the truth.

Brief review

Being about to narrate to us about the reasons for the evil actions of humans, The Bye Bye Man can be referred to the genre of thrilling horror. So it won’t make your knees tremble but won’t leave your heart unfazed as terrifying news are to be delivered in the film.
The Bye Bye Man Poster
The fabrication studio here is STX Entertainment with Stacy Title embarking on resolving directorial issues. The scriptwriter here is named Jonathan Penner.
The acting crew is composed of such stars as Carrie-Anne Moss, Douglas Jones, Douglas Smith, Cressida Bonas, Faye Dunaway, and Lucien Laviscount.
Relation to the horror genre implies that the movie is prohibited for viewing for children in order to keep their psychics safe.

Penetrating into the storyline

In order to understand the plot, we should define the key questions that the story raises. The first and the main one: what are the reasons for the evil side flourishing in humans’ hearts? What if the cause of all evil actions is not a matter of what…but who?
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The purpose of this movie is to find out the causes that drive people to commit the most terrible things as killing each other, etc that lies not in things but in one person.
As we have already noted, the movie is in good hands, as Stacy Title knows the onions when it comes down to creating a suspense thriller. Known for "Oculus" and "The Strangers", Stacy embarks on a new horror project under the title “"The Bye Bye Man" with much prudence applied.
The main heroes of the film turn to be three college friends that were unlucky to stumble upon the horrific origins of the Bye Bye Man. What specifically have they discovered? The thing is that there is only one way to escape from his curse which lies in the principle: don’t think it, don’t say it. If this person manages to penetrate into your thoughts, he takes your body, as well as your soul under a full control.
The main question appears now: are there some ways to survive if you turn to be caught by the Bye Bye Man? In order to get to know all secrets, let’s visit theater on the appointed day. What is that day of launch start?
The Bye Bye Man Cast

When can we expect the release of the suspense thriller?

In terms of the launch period, everything has been already defined much to our luck as reading the general description of the plot, you should become greatly interested in it of course if you a fan of the genre of horror.
The Bye Bye Man release date is now determined as December 9, 2016. Before the premiere, you can enjoy an official trailer, as well as posters in order to make a full picture in your mind about this upcoming project. Follow us of you want to be notified about any changes and news regarding this film in the very nick of time.


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