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The directors reunite the original cast for “The Best Man Wedding” in 2016. Malcolm D. Lee is the creator of the plot and the main director of the story. It’s going to be the third part of the film in the series.

“The Best Man” – is a series of films that will certainly continue. Fans will be informed about the continuation of the story. What should we look forward to in the upcoming installment?

The official release date was set on Friday, April 15, 2016.


Malcolm D. Lee is in the process of creating the third film in his signature franchise, and Sean Daniel (participating in creating of “The Best Man Holiday”) gets back to producing “The Best Man Wedding” in collaboration with Lee. It means that the original cast will get back to work as well.

Sanaa Lathan will act as Robin, Morris Chestnut     will play Lance, Terrence Howard will act as Quentin, Regina Hall as Cadance, Nia Long as Jordan, Steve Harvey will probably play the role of Quentin, Sr., Harold Perrineau will act as Murch, Taye Diggs     will play Harper, Eddie Cibrian will probably play Brian, Melissa De Sousa will act as Shelby, Katt Williams as Dorian Burroughs (this is also rumored) and Jay Pharaoh will probably play Teddy Harper’s character (rumored).


Looks like the plot of the story is kept in total secret. The only thing we know about the third part is that the main characters are going to be the same as in the previous parts and the storyline itself is going to be truly unpredictable.


The film is going to be the third part of the successful franchise made by Malcolm D. Lee in collaboration with Sean Daniel. It means, that the cast is going to be almost the same.

The last part of the franchise called “The Best Man’s Holiday,” brought in more than $70 million worldwide.

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