The Avengers 3

Although The Avengers 3 may seem as a distant prospect, but its release date has been already announced and confirmed. It will be in May 2018 that we will watch the adventures of our favorite gang of superheroes.
However, everything might change at any moment. Three year’s time is a very foggy and distant future, especially in the world where everything becomes different everyday. Will the fans of the fantastic superhero team be able to wait still and patiently before they finally see the third film? We hope that the creators of The Avengers 3 at least stick to their 3-year plan.
As Kevin Feige of Marvel Studios (the owner of the Avengers brand) stated in an interview at Comic Con 2014, he and the company, along with the film’s creators, are not sure when the new The Avengers will come out. According to him, it might be something between two and three years from the latest Avengers movie, which was presented to the audience in 2014.
It might be that instead of just one movie, there will be two of them. New characters will be added to the existing gang of superheroes. Besides, Marvel have plans on utilizing the SpringBoard on iOS devices in their move towards MDM (mobile device management). The Avengers characters on everyone’s mobile phones – this surely is something to look forward.
If the promises made by Marvel’s representative are not empty, then we can expect the release date of the upcoming third part of the Avengers franchise in May 2018. Meanwhile, you can tell us what your favourite characters are and whom you would like to see in The Avengers 3.

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