Suspiria (2017)

If a remake of a movie is made qualitatively, the original is forgotten, and a new project becomes unique. Perhaps, the creators of the film Suspiria hope for this. They decided to develop the story of an earlier 1977 film of the same name. This horror movie has all chances to become popular, as in fact today active work is conducted to promote an upcoming picture in the mass media, and the audience with interest and excitement is waiting for the movie. One shouldn’t forget that Suspiria is an adaptation of an earlier film, so in modern cinema the public will probably see improved visuals.

Production Info

Suspiria (2017) Poster
The leading person directing the new story is Luca Guadagnino, an Italian filmmaker. His main companions in writing the script and inventing the idea of the movie are the following writers:

  • David Kajganich;
  • Dario Argento;
  • Daria Nicoldi.

The producers whose main task is developing the cinema and working with the audience and mass media are such professionals as:

  • Paul Deason;
  • Stella Savino;
  • James Vanderbilt;
  • Brad Fisher;
  • Massimiliano Violante;
  • William Sherak and others.

The company producing Suspiria is First Sun; the main distributor of an upcoming horror movie is Amazon Studios.

Plot Peculiarities

Suspiria (2017) Spoiler
The action of the renewed film takes place in 1977. A young dancer is going to conquer Berlin to study at a famous and prestigious European Academy of Ballet. But instead of a quiet life she witnesses shocking events, and there, where she arrived, happens a series of gruesome murders. All this is because the school where she studies is chosen by witch coven for their horrible rites. Whether a young ballerina overcomes all difficulties and copes with the mysterious evil, it will be known soon enough.
The cast of the film consists of vivid and well-known actresses. Among those who are worth mentioning are the next ones:

  • Chloë Grace Moretz (her character is Patricia);
  • Dakota Johnson (she plays the role of Susie Bannion);
  • Mia Goth (she presents Sara);
  • Angela Winkler (she plays the role of Miss Tanner);
  • Tilda Swinton (her character is Madame Blanc) and others.

Soon Premiere and Viewers’ Expectations

The start of the shooting took place at the end of 2016, and the premiere of Suspiria will probably be presented in early 2017. There is still no definite facts confirming this, but the public wants to believe in it. The rating of expectations is very high, and the renewed movie is being awaited with interest. Stay tuned to receive all the important news and know about the air date.


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