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Suburbicon is an unusual film, which will be unforgettable for all the viewers. Three genres here are combined together and they are comedy, criminal and detective. The premiere of the film Suburbicon will be on the 2nd of November in the year of 2017, so you will enjoy it very soon.


The main actors will make the cast really outstanding. Among the general people you will see such characters:

  • Matt Damon.
  • Oscar Isaac.
  • Julianne Moore.
  • Josh Brolin.
  • Glenn Flesher.
  • Megan Ferguson.
  • Michael Cohen.

The director of the film is George Clooney. The producers of the film are George Clooney, Grant Heslov, Teddy Schwarzman, Samuel Hadida, Victor Hadida, Barbara A. Hall, Hal Sadoff, Joel Silver, David Webb. The scriptwriters are George Clooney, Ethan Coen, Joel Coen, Grant Heslov.


The events take place in the 1950th years. In the center of attention, you will see the pleasant couple, which wants to make their own lovely nest and make the children here. They love each other and they are very happy. So, it is quite easy for them to keep calm, despite all the problems, which always appear on their way. That is one of the best families, which is very pleasant to the neighbors and they just don’t care about anything. But everything changed in one day and they didn’t know, what to do.

There appeared the uncalled guests, which broke their life and try to present their own rules. From one hand, this couple can`t be roused, but they did it. The heroes can`t even imagine, what that guests can do. They like their life before such people appear here. But now they will show their real face.

All the people, who live in Suburbicon, were scared of them, so their life changed on the worse side. So, what happened in this family and will the main heroes stop in order to become better people? That information will be available for you in the time when watching this film.


Have you ever imagine, that a couple of people, who can appear in your life unexpectedly, will change it greatly? Of course, no! But the heroes of this film also have a nice life and nothing worries them. While watching it you will see, how everything can change and sometimes people can`t influence on one or another situation.

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Matt Damon, Julianne Moore, Josh Brolin in talks to join Suburbicon – Collider

George Clooney makes Julianne Moore giggle on set of Suburbicon

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