Suburbicon (2017)

What could be better than to go to a cinema on a great crime comedy with a wonderful cast and a complex plot? Viewers around the world will be able to allow themselves this pleasure very soon, as in 2017 on the screens the new picture Suburbicon is coming out, where the director is an inimitable George Clooney. The work of the whole team of professionals is unlikely to pass without a trace, and in the nearest future the possibility to assess their job will be given to everyone. Information about the exact release date of the movie has not yet been received, but the film will definitely be presented in 2017, it was confirmed by the authors of the picture.

Production Info

Suburbicon (2017) Promo
As it has been noted, the director and leading personality of Suburbicon is George Clooney, an American actor and filmmaker. But he is not working individually; he is helped by professional scriptwriters developing the idea of an upcoming movie. These people are:

  • Barbara A. Hall;
  • Grant Heslov;
  • Joel Silver;
  • Hal Sadoff;
  • Samuel Hadida;
  • Teddy Schwarzman.

There are a few companies producing Suburbicon: Silver Pictures, Black Bear Pictures and Smoke House Pictures. Distributing company responsible for the development of the film on TV is a widely known Paramount Pictures.

Plot Review

A quiet and peaceful American town Suburbicon of the 1950s is a cozy place, where people know one another well, and everything is okay. But suddenly the life of one of the families is changing radically due to a daring robbery. The criminals broke into their home, forcing the previously exemplary family to change their life priorities. Now in their lives appear revenge and blackmail. Despite this seemingly dramatic script, the plot of the film has comedic scenes, and the public is likely to be able to enjoy not only good acting, but also high-quality humor.
Suburbicon (2017) Cast
The main cast of the movie is as follows:

  • Matt Damon;
  • Oscar Isaac;
  • Josh Brolin;
  • Megan Ferguson;
  • Jack Conley;
  • Julianne Moore;
  • Michael D. Cohen and many other vivid actors.

Soon Release and Viewers’ Expectations

Not all the viewers know one of interesting fact: Woody Harrelson, a popular Hollywood star, also was to take part in the cinema, but because of some problems with his filming schedule he had to refuse Clooney’s offer. But the future premiere still is being awaited with great interest, and the movie will be full of perfect actors. An exact date of the release hasn’t been mentioned yet, but what is more important is that Suburbicon will be presented this year.


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