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Using of super powers became the main stream in modern cinematography. Such stories are bright, full of special effects and they make us believe that everything is possible. Marvel is the richest recourse of such stories.

Luke Cage is the next expressive story that would reach your hearts. The release date of Luke Cage is in July 2016. All the fans of Marvel actively discuss its plot and the cast.


The cast of the serial consists of famous actors such as Kallen C.Wingate, Erik Harvey, Simona Cook, Mike Colter. The role of Luke Cage is played by M. Ali. Paul McGuigan is the chief producer of the film and he chooses perfect actors for the serial.


Luke Cage is an ordinary guy with a boring life. But everything changes when the court blames him in committing a crime he never did. The judicial system left no chance on protection and after the trial, he was taken to prison. Unfair destiny spoiled his life. The only chance to facilitate the life is taking part in a strange experiment. As the result of the complex of procedures, Luke could get incredible power. But no one was sure about results.

Cage agrees and becomes the member of that experiment. The power appeared sooner that anyone could think so Cage does not want to continue playing after such rules. He decides to leave the prison and to become a hero. All the time he devotes to catching criminals and helping people. But is he really a hero or he should be back to prison? Does h manage to catch the one who committed the crime he was blamed for?


“Luke Cage” is fantastic and action so you will see scenes o fighting, super effects of using inhuman powers. And no story would be interesting without love. The life of Luke Cage and his surrounding is full of surprises and intense moments.

Thirteen episodes are expected and according to the plot more seasons are planned. 

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