Step Up 6 – The New Chapter of the Dance Franchise Release Date


We have seen the fifth chapter of Step Up in 2014. Can we hope to see the next installment, Step Up 6, any time soon? Will it be released? And if it will, then what is its release date be? We have some news for you.


The acceptance of Step Up

The audiences got to love the Step Up movies for their entertaining nature, great dance music and outstanding dance performances by charismatic actors. All this makes Step Up a good product worth continuing. Considering the fact that every film was released two year after the previous one, we could expect Step Up 6 in 2016.


The Step Up franchise

The first movie of the series was released in 2006. Last year (2014), the world has seen the fifth chapter, Step Up: All In. Considering the great popularity among the dance-lovers and movie-goers, there is a great chance that we will see Step Up 6 in the nearest future. There hasn’t been a lot of comment from the producers, but you can find a trailer on YouTube and a page on IMDB. Hopefully, the new film is going to happen.


Are you enjoying the Step Up franchise as we do? Are you waiting for the 6th film and watching all the rumors?

Promo Art

Step Up 6_2

step up 6 official trailer #2 ( 2016)

Step Up 6 Revolution Official Trailer Official 2016 1080 HD Exclusive

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