Star Trek 4 Release Date

Star Trek 4 release date

Star Trek 4 release date has been rumored. There is no exact date, but some news was given.

The 4th part of the sci-fi movie reboot in Star Trek franchise will definitely happen but not in the nearest future.
Recall that in the first movie the plot was centered on Nero, who suddenly appeared from the planet called Romulus. His main objective is revenge. He was going to take revenge on the Federation. Of course, no one can avoid the threat and the best Federation’s starship captains Spock and Kirk, who, among other things, were rivals, need to unite and fight Nero. The adventures of The Enterprise starship’s crew were successfully continued in the second movie. We should wait for Star Trek 3 in 2016.

Star Trek 4 release date has been rumored

Paramount Pictures has already signed the contract to shoot Star trek 4 with the same leading stars: Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto.
By the way, the actors managed to increase their fees. For example, Chris Pine for acting in the first movie received 600 thousand dollars, and for participating in the 4th movie he will receive $ 6 million.
Star Trek 4 release date has been confirmed for 2018.
Star Trek 4 release date on DVD and Bluray must be expected somewhere in 2018.
For now watch Star Trek 2 movie trailer 2:

What do you want to see in the fourth movie?

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