The genre of science fiction seems to be always in fashion no matter what nonsense things about future the masterpieces offer to us. The admirers of this genre will be pleased this year with the appearance of the movie under the title “Spectral”. So let’s see what the film is about to introduce to us.


Spectral Scene
The director of the action thriller is Nic Mathieu who collaborates with scriptwriter named George Nolfi. It is not a great surprise that the acting cast is to include such stars as James Badge Dale, Max Martini, Cory Hardrict and Bruce Greenwood. It is not a surprise because the production company is reckoned to be the one and the only Universal Pictures.
The producing team consists of such creative people as Jon Jashni and Thomas Tull. They are at the helm of the project. The executive producers are considered to be Jillian Share and Guy Riede.
As it is known practically to everyone, the genre of science fiction is at the highest level of popularity no matter whether it is the twentieth century or the twenty-first. The voyage to the world of unknown things that can be possible in future presents great interest to the majority of people all through the world. Maybe humans created by nature in such a way that they love the secret things in life most of all. Thus, this can contribute greatly to the success of the upcoming film replicating the ratings of the most anticipated film of 2015 called “Interstellar”.

Plot summary

The film plot centers on a crew named Spec Ops. Their mission is  to get rid of a very dangerous phantom threat that has no natural explanation in fact. So what is about those unknown creatures? They are to come from other worlds.
The main members of the team are the heroes played by Emily Mortimer and James Badge Dale. Emily Mortimer is playing a CIA mission leader, with James Badge Dale playing a scientist who works with her.
Spectral Promo
This supernatural battle is going to take over New York City. Are you surprised reading it? We are sure you are because it was a false kind of data. The danger will over some European city. That’s the truth. However, the name of the city remains unknown. There is also no information whether the city is real and imagined, and if imagined, whether it has some similarities with the real ones. We are also unaware of the exact country in which the action of the film is going to take place.
There happen also several changes in the script. Ian Fried penned the original treatment with the script written by George Nolfi. John Gatins also re-wrote the screenplay.

When is the debut appointed for?

The 3D movie in the genre of action thriller is slated for this year. Is to be more concrete the Spectral release date is considered to be August 12, 2016. There is still much time before the debut. And we have nothing in the course but to wait and watch the official preliminary media given by the developers to us hoping that our highest expectations will be met.


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