Snatched (2017)

Very soon the audience all over the world will watch a new comedy with quality humor, which is quite rare, and well-selected cast that occurs, perhaps even less often. It is about the movie Snatched, an American project, the release of which is scheduled for 2017. Moreover, the audience has learned that a new film will be presented on May 12, 2017, and this date is a point to which all the audience is eager to reach. It’s still hard to say if the story gain many positive feedbacks from critics and ordinary viewers, but, anyway, it is worth watching, so late spring is being awaited with interest.

Authors and Creators

Snatched (2017) Release Date
An upcoming movie is directed and created by Jonathan Levine, a filmmaker from the US. But the plot of the film is also developed by the crew of scriptwriters responsible for the idea of the cinema. These people are such as:

  • Katie Dippold;
  • Kim Caramele;
  • Amy Schumer, who is the main actress in the film.

The crew of producers working in Snatched is a bit larger and consists of the following personalities:

  • Paul Feig;
  • Michael Kruzan;
  • Peter Chernin;
  • Donald J. Lee Jr.;
  • Jessie Henderson.

Production companies of the movie are Feigco Entertainment and Chernin Entertainment; the distributor of the picture is the world famous and well-known 20th Century Fox.

About the Film

Snatched (2017) Release Date
A young girl Emily who is going through a serious break up with her boy-friend offers her mother to go to a spontaneous trip to South America in order to relax and forget all the bad things. But on their way the women are suddenly faced with a serious danger: they are kidnapped. In order to escape from the kidnappers, the girl and her mother have to join their forces, and they know each other much closer, and are able to communicate more sincerely in these extreme conditions than before. All of this is a great idea, but if the authors of the painting succeed in its implementing so as to please absolutely everyone, it will be known very soon.
As the main actors in the film are presented the following ones:

  • Amy Schumer playing the role of Emily;
  • Goldie Hawn whose character is the mother;
  • Ike Barinholtz;
  • Wanda Sykes;
  • Christopher Meloni;
  • Randall Park and others.

Movie Release and Prospects

The public already knows when the cinema is going to air: it will happen on May 12, 2017. The creators are ready to present their picture believing that the audience will appreciate it, and the audience in its turn hopes that the comedy will not disappoint them. Stay tuned to check all the prospects and predictions and be aware of all the news coming from the authors of Snatched.


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