Sisters Release Date

Sisters release date

Sisters release date was announced. What to expect from the new Fey and Poehler comedy?

Amy Poehler, John Cena, Tina Fey, Kate McKinnon, John Leguizamo, James Brolin are the case for the brand new comedy. In the first quarter of the next year, we should expect Sisters premiere.
This is another Christmas comedy that not surprisingly will be released during December holidays.

The Plot:

The main protagonists of the movie are two sisters who have become adults and fled from home. They are very different: one of them seems absolutely perfect daughter, who has made a career, has a solid bank account. The second sister is opposite, who is considered a "walking disaster". The parents decided to sell the house in which the women grew up and put it up for sale. But the girls decided to arrange a farewell during the house party for friends before the sale.

Sisters release date was announced

To arrange a super party, sisters are fully engaged in the preparation, procurement and compiling a list of guests. They decided to organize a party, which can be called crazy, illegal and noisy one. After such a party and such a feast, a house can’t meet its new owners. But the sisters will try to show the restore complete disorder, creating a cozy house even after a party.

Sisters release date was confirmed for December 17, 2015.
Sisters release date on Bluray and DVD are scheduled for summer of 2016.
There is the first Sisters trailer you can watch below:

Will you wait for this movie?

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