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Singwa hamgge is an original film, which was made in South Korea. Here you will see an outstanding drama and fantasy genres, which are combined in one masterpiece. The film Singwa hamgge will appear in broadcast in the year of 2017, so very soon you will like it.


When you will watch this alluring film, you will see a lot of talented people here in the cast. There are not so many actors, but they will amaze you with their skills:

  • Ha Jeong-woo.
  • Cha Tae-Hyeon.
  • Joo Ji-hoon.
  • Kim Hyang-ki.
  • Ma Dong-Seok.
  • Lee Jeong-Jae.

We must mention the director and producer of this film – his name is Kim Yong-Hwa and he is a really outstanding person.


The plot of this story is complicated, but when you will understand it, you will be one of the happiest people in the world. Here you will see the life in different cities with all its advantages and disadvantages. And one day, among the 7 billion of people the only one man will die. He is the main hero of the story. After the death of this person, the messenger of death got the soul of the dead person and move it to the region beyond the grave.

This place was earlier isn’t famous for him, so the only thing, what he must do, is to pass the 7 trials, which have the duration for 7 weeks. Thus, the messenger of death can come to the people`s destiny without any warning, because they have such an awful peculiarity. So, what would be the trials, which are ready for the deceased character? And would he manage with all this in order to forget of this menace once and forever?

It is so interesting to know, that people didn’t decide when to live and what to do. In this film you will see the person, who didn’t even imagine, that life will present him the trials before the death. So, he has no choice – he must do everything to do it and if he wouldn’t do it, everything will be bad.


This is an amazing film with the mixed plot, so while watching it you may have some problems of understanding. But that is not the cause to be upset – you will have the greatest emotions from the beginning and until the end – we promised you that.

That is the film for people, who want to look through their lives – every moment of it is special, so you mustn’t think over the future, just be ready to know, that everything will depend on you.

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