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Shut Eye is a drama serial, that was created and produced in America. Here you will see a lot of fresh ideas and all the personages will interact you at all. The season premiere was great, so now the continuation is available. The Shut Eye 2 Season release date is the 7th of December in the year of 2016, so now you can watch this amazing cinema masterpiece in any suitable moment for you. The season air date will be the same.


Here the cast of actors if very famous, so you will have a great delight while watching this film. The directors are James Roday, Kirsten Nelson, Andy Barman, Jay Chandrasekhar, Tim Matison, John Landis, Mel Damski. The music is written by Adam Koen, Brandon Kristy, John Robert Wood, Wellington Lora Jr. The producers are James Roday, Dule Hill, Carlos Jackett, Andy Barman, Mal Damski, Steve Franks, Tracy Jeffrey.


This action drama serial will present you the events, which are developing in the city of angels – Los Angeles. This megapolis is inhabited by millions of people and they are all different. Everyone here has their own views on life and relations to that particular area.

In our history, you will be shown the layout of people who have the gift of forecasts. Many forecasters earn a lot of money for such a gift, but at the same, there is the only one person, who is general in this deals. The main character here is a magician – he is the man by the name Charlie Haverford. He also works on one person from the circle of the mafia. The man constantly observed, how the fortune tellers and the forecasters work – he must know, how many money they put in their own wallets.

 One day Charlie’s life is completely changed and it happened, when he accidentally got a head injury. After this incident, he opened the gift to predict the future. A lot of strange pictures of events appeared in his mind. And in the continuation of the serial, you will see, how Charlie will use this talent and what it will bring for him.


When you will watch this drama serial, you will understand everything about the predictions in your life. Each person has such a gift, but some of the people just try to develop it, in order to help the people and society in general. You will be allured with this series because it is so dazzling and adorable to watch episode by episode. The new episode will be really unforgettable.

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