Scream 5 Release Date

Scream 5 release date
Scream 5 release date was rumored. In early 2013, Bob Weinstein in an interview said that the fifth film is bound to be. An estimated release date for the fifth part of the horror franchise as Scream 5 is predicted for 2015, while having no exact date.
MTV also launches series of films based on the movie franchise – we have already covered this news. If the show will be a success, it is assumed that can speed up the process for creating the fifth installment of Scream.

Scream 5 release date was rumored

About MTV series installment in Scream franchise:
Start of work on this show, it was announced a couple of years ago and that’s just at the end of 2014 officially became known that he would be released to air in 2015. As the channel MTV’s first season Crick get ten time series, it is not known whether the plot of the series is associated with the original film released earlier. Therefore, it is not clear whether a horrible mask Ghostface will attend the show or will it be just another new youth horror thriller.
The participating actors as: Becks Taylor Claus Will Fitzgerald, John Carne, Amadeus and Carlson Young Serafini. Shooting themselves will carry the company’s Dimension Films and The Weinstein Company.

Scream 5 release date is 2015.
Are you waiting for the new movie in this popular franchise?

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