Saw: Legacy

If you ask any viewer the question about what horror film he considers the most famous, perhaps, the vast majority of the audience will recall the world-known epopee Saw. In the near future it is expected to yield a new picture of this popular franchise, which will be the eighth part. Terrible stories of survival, a monstrous game and frightening plot – all this is inherent attributes of any of the Saw pictures and thanks to this the film is recognizable and even loved by many viewers. Most of the audience was delighted to learn that this autumn, namely on October 27, 2017, a new part, called Saw: Legacy, is going to be premiered. Whether the next filmed story of Saw will have the same success as the previous ones, the public will be able to learn very soon.

Production Info

The Spierig Brothers, known as Peter and Michael Spierig, are the directors of Saw: Legacy. Theses twins are working in cooperation with two writers developing the script – Pete Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg. The whole idea of Saw belongs to Leigh Whannell and James Wan, the creators of the story.
Saw: Legacy date release

The team of professional producers is ready to promote the movie in mass media every day in order the cinema to get viewers’ recognition and to be well-known before the premiere. This team includes the following personalities:

  • Mark Burg;
  • Oren Koules;
  • Peter Block;
  • Gregg Hoffman;
  • Stacey Testro;
  • Daniel J. Heffner.

Saw: Legacy

The distributor of the film is Lionsgate Films, the studio, which not long ago announced the air date of Saw: Legacy; the main production company is Twisted Pictures.

About the Film’s Story

The start of the shooting process took place in last November, and today the authors carry out its post-production. The filmmakers of the next part of Saw haven’t yet presented any exact information about the peculiarities of the plot, but the story is likely to be as usually connected with the same bloody murders and terrifying deaths as before.But some of the actors performing the cast of Saw: Legacy are known today, and those who are worth mentioning are the following ones:

  • Tobin Bell, as usual, playing the role of John Kramer;
  • Jon Cor, presenting Ryan;
  • Hannah Anderson;
  • Laura Vandervoort and some others.

Saw: Legacy

Upcoming Debut and Possible Success

If nothing changes till the autumn, the film will air on October 27, 2017. The picture will definitely get viewers’ recognition as this story is known almost to the whole audience around the world, and every viewer and especially lover of Saw franchise is waiting for the movie with interest. Stay tuned to be aware that the cinema won’t be worse than all the previous parts and receive important news concerning the schedule or plot of an upcoming film.

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