Saving Goola Release Date

Saving Goola release date

Saving Goola release date will happen in few days. Check the details below.

If you are a fan of quality animated cartoons you should definitely not miss the brand new Chinese movie called Saving Goola. You can expect for Saving Goola premiere in the early August.

The Plot:

It would seem that the monkey pig is not a friend according to the cartoon trailer. But in fact, this statement is a stupid stereotype. We have a new dynamic duo who is saving the residents of the oceanic island, that begins to go under the water. It is a man-made catastrophe that also causes tremors. On a tiny piece of land is the city of the future, but none of its magic inhabitants cannot solve this catastrophic problem.

Saving Goola release date will happen in few days

Only unlike each other beings recruited the courage to fulfill a special mission improbable. Before the rescue operation heroes never seen each other, so at the beginning of their cooperation there are many ridiculous situations that will amuse the audience. And yet eccentric – not the main skate daredevils. Inhabitants of Goola City devote them to rescuers, relying on their responsibility and fortitude. Two special agents are trying in every way to justify the trust of hundreds of Goola citizens.
During the mission, they have to swim underwater for a long time in special bubbles, climb the crater of the volcano and escape from the funky elements of predatory birds.
Saving Goola release date will happen on the 8Th August 2015.
Saving Goola release date on Bluray and DVD was scheduled for autumn of 2015.
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