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Roma is a drama film, which was created and produced in the USA and Mexico. You will be delighted with it, but pay attention, that it will be interesting only for adult people. The premiere of the film Roma will be in the year of 2017, so when it appear on movie screens, you will be able to watch it and estimate the main idea of it.


The actor cast for that film is really special and you will adore each person, which will appear here. Among the main people you will see the following characters:

  • Marina de Tavira.
  • Marco Graf.
  • Yalitza Aparicio.
  • Daniela Demesa.

The director of the film is Alfonso Cuaron. Among the producers, we must name Nicolas Celis, Alfonso Cuaron, Gabriela Rodriques, Jonathan King, David Linde, Jeff Skoll. The scriptwriter is Alfonso Cuaron.


The film Roma is one of the most outstanding works, which were created by famous director Alfonso. Her you will see a poetical story about the people, which are closely connected with the family bonds. They live at the beginning of the 70th years on the native land of the scriptwriter and director.

The line of the erotic novel here took place and it is a little bit abstract and it knocks the auditory. All the actions and the words call the people to value each life moment and to enjoy them from the beginning till the end.

The happy optimism will be shown here and it makes the film really special.

The video of that film is full of colorful landscapes of the nature in Mexico, so you will have a great aesthetical delight. Unexpected and full of emotions dialogues between the main characters completed this cinema masterpiece at all. The beauty of this plot is that all the acts can`t be predicted, so you wouldn’t be dull when watching it. That is one of the best raisin and original thing. The semi-open end of the story will help the ordinary people to end the main idea by their own.


If you want to have a great free time with the closest people in your life, such a cinema masterpiece will be your best choice. Besides, you will be so happy to know, that the other people may have the same problems, as you have. But it doesn’t disturb them and they are always ready to live the life happily and to enjoy every moment of it.

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