Rock the Kasbah Release Date

Rock the Kasbah release date

Rock the Kasbah release date has been named. Get more information below.

The upcoming Rock the Kasbah premiere is directed by Barry Levinson, known to viewers because of his most popular work – Rain Man and one of the tapes he would be quite enough to go down in history of cinema. However, in his filmography, there are other wonderful works, and in a variety of genres. It is not surprising that each of the following drafts of the master attracts the attention of the audience, for example, Rock the Kasbah.

The Plot:

So, the major protagonist of the movie – in the past, a successful music producer, who, incidentally, is now experiencing is not the best time of his career. To date, he has only one ward, and with it, he went to Afghanistan to participate in the program of support for the US military. But even there, our hero is waiting for a complete failure. So he is in a foreign country with no money and even without documents. It is no use to anyone, and no one at home waiting. But then our “hero” meets a local girl with a really strong voice. He decides to help her win the TV contest the local talent. For this producer and his players will have to go on a dangerous and adventurous epic journey to Kabul.

Rock the Kasbah release date

Interesting Facts

The movie can boast the magnificent cast. Bill Murray will be partners with Zooey Deschanel (500 Days of Summer), Kate Hudson (The Four Feathers), Bruce Willis and other talented actors. The movie was also shot Shia LaBeouf, but then he abandoned painting in favor of another project. By the way, Zooey Deschanel and Kate Hudson this will be the second collaboration after the movie "Almost Famous" that was released in theaters in 2000. And Bill Murray and Bruce Willis have previously starred together in "The Moonrise Kingdom" (2012).
Many admirers of Barry Levinson’s now waiting to be released film "Rock the Kasbah", as in this work the director is working again with actor Bill Murray, who has worked on the cult comedy "Tootsie". The movie was made pretty quickly – the filming process began in June 2014. By the way, screenwriter Mitch Glazer film was, in his time wrote the screenplay for the film "Great Expectations" and worked as a producer on the movie "Lost in Translation."
Interestingly, the original title of the film sounds like «Rock the Kasbah», which can be translated as "Light a fortress" (or even "rock the foundations"). Unfortunately, the Russian translation of this word game was lost.

Rock the Kasbah release date was scheduled for October 23, 2015.
There is no information about Rock the Kasbah release date on DVD and Bluray.
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