What is the Release Date for Avatar 2?

What is the release date for Avatar 2
What is the release date for Avatar 2? When should the fans of the Na’vi race should expect the effectual return to the Pandora planet?
Here comes the sequel of the most spectacular movie ever directed by James Cameron. The sequel to Avatar continues the story exploring the fate of the brave Na’vi people.

The release date for Avatar 2 is confirmed

There is a new leader of the local clans – Jake Sully in the Avatar body. In addition, in the center of events will be his Na’vi lover named Neytiri. According to some rumors, Avatar 2 will appear in cinemas no later than October of 2015. Let’s hope it won’t be worse than the first blockbuster in 3D.

The approximate date release for Avatar 2 is October of 2015.

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