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Redoutable is a great film, which is created and produced in France. Here you will see a lot of genres, which are combined together. They are drama, melodrama, and biography. The film Redoutable will appear in broadcast in the year of 2017.


When we talk about the actors in this film, here we must underline the real professionals of their deal. The main cast includes the following ones:

  • Stacy Martin.
  • Berenice Bejo.
  • Louis Garrel.
  • Jen-Pierre Rocky.
  • Gregory Gadebois.
  • Tanya Lopert.
  • Micha Lescot.

In the role of director, here you will see Michel Hazanavicius. The producers are Florence Gastaud, Michel Hazanavicius, Riad Sattouf, Daniel Delume. The scriptwriters are Anne Wiazemsky and Michel Hazanavicius.


Here in the center of attention, you will see the love romance, which appeared between Godar and Ann Viazemski. Here the events took place during the shooting of the film “Chinese Woman” in the year of 1967.

The love story of this people is very unusual. Their characters are very similar, so they always have a lot of problems of misunderstanding. But, in order to do everything right, they decide to find the compromise, despite all the problems.

In each of the episodes, they will show you, that in the life of each couple there can appear good and bad moments. And, sometimes it is too hard to manage with everything like this. But is each person believed in success, the result will be perfect.

In that time, we mean in the 20th century, the films are rather different. So, you will compare different films, in order to understand, that earlier there were a lot of interesting plots and outstanding actors.


Did you ever think of what love is? That is an amazing feeling and you must understand, that sometimes it can occur suddenly. But, if the people wanted to make something better, they just must do everything and find the ways of problems solving.

This cinema masterpiece will be interesting for the adult audience. So, if you are a fan of a love affair and you wanted to know the end of this story, you must find the free time and watch this film from the beginning until the end. So, you can be sure, that such a gentle film watching wouldn’t be a waste of free time.

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