Red Sparrow

If the cast of any film is selected carefully, the picture can be of any genre, but it will exactly be liked by the audience. In an upcoming movie Red Sparrow, a spy thriller with secret penetrations into the enemy camp, secret meetings and all other attributes of a similar theme, the actors are chosen very qualitatively. An exciting and thrilling storyline will definitely be presented in this film. The audience until the last moment will remain in suspense, not knowing what the end the movie.

The release of Red Sparrow is scheduled for November 10, 2017, and it means that this autumn the public will watch the result of the filmmakers’ long work and what they are ready to show the audience.
Red Sparrow date release

Authors and Developers

Some lovers of reading know, that the story of Red Sparrow is borrowed from the book written by Jason Matthew. The person who has created a filmed version is Francis Lawrence, a director and producer from Austria. The script of the movie is also developed by such screenwriters as Justin Haythe and Eric Warren Singer.

The people also developing the cinema but doing it on the Internet and among the audience in order the film to be as popular as possible are professional producers.

Such people are:

  • Garrett Basch;
  • Peter Chernin;
  • David Ready;
  • Jenno Topping;
  • Steven Zaillian;
  • Mary McLaglen.

Red Sparrow

The picture is produced by Chernin Entertainment, and the main distributing studio is 20 th Century Fox, the company which was the first to announce the air date of Red Sparrow.

Brief Review

The plot of and upcoming picture revolves around a Russian intelligence agent named Dominika Egorova, a young woman with a very attractive appearance. Her mission is to reveal the activity of an enemy American spy named Nathaniel Nash, who has happened to be inside the CIA. But when young people get to know each other better, they fall in love with each other and realize that they can dramatically affect the activity of their security services. After all, the girl begins herinvestigation and understands that all is not so clear, and it is possible that the removal of Nathaniel Nash is not the main goal of intelligence service.
Red Sparrow

The actors forming the cast of Red Sparrow are the following ones:

  • Jennifer Lawrence;
  • Jeremy Irons;
  • Joel Edgerton;
  • Jeremy Irons;
  • Kristof Konrad;
  • Matthias Schoenaerts and some others.

Upcoming Release and Possible Rating

As the premiere of the movie is set for November 10, 2017, it means that the authors still have enough time to make everything necessary for the film to air in time. Viewers around the world look forward to watching Red Sparrow and hope that the cinema will not fail their expectations. It may be too early to make any predictions but the picture will likely to get everybody’s recognition, so stay tuned to check it on your own.

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