Red Sparrow (2017)

Spy games is a genre which is still widely used in the cinema, and due to the development of modern technologies such films are getting better and better, and stories are becoming more twisted and unpredictable. A classic story of a secret introduction into an enemy territory will be displayed in an upcoming American thriller Red Sparrow, with popular Hollywood actors performed and the script developed by professionals. If expectations are met, this movie will become one of the most iconic in its genre in 2017. Today it is known the final release date of the film: it will be presented on November 10, 2017.

Creators and Developers

Red Sparrow (2017) Promo
The script of the cinema is developed and finalized by Francis Lawrence, an American filmmaker of an Austrian origin, who borrowed the idea of his project from Jason Matthews’ book having the same name. But Lawrence was also helped by two scriptwriters: Eric Warren Singer and Justin Haythe.
The producers of Red Sparrow working with the cast and responsible for the future release on TV are the following ones:

  • Peter Chernin;
  • Mary McLaglen;
  • David Ready;
  • Garrett Basch;
  • Steven Zaillian;
  • Jenno Topping.

The company producing the movie is Chernin Entertainment; the distributing company of the film is the world famous and respected 20th Century Fox.

Plot Review and Cast

Red Sparrow (2017) Cast
The cast of an upcoming picture contains well-known actors such as:

  • Jennifer Lawrence;
  • Jeremy Irons;
  • Joel Edgerton;
  • Matthias Schoenaerts;
  • Kristof Konrad and others.

The main heroine of the film is a Russian spy with sexual appearance named Dominika Egorova (presented by Jennifer Lawrence). Her command gives her a task to uncover and to expose an American spy Nathaniel Nash (played by Joel Edgerton), working in the Russian CIA. But in the process of interaction between young people they, of course, fall in love, which threatens not only the entire intelligence operation, but also the relationship between the two countries. Subsequently Dominika begins to lead her own investigation, trying to find the traitor and resolve a difficult situation.

Future Premiere and Positive Prospects

20th Century Fox has already announced that Red Sparrow will be released on November 10, 2017. There is enough time to make prospects about the number of viewers and possible reviews, but most of the audience is sure that the film will be interesting and exciting, and it’s still hard to refute this. Stay tuned to find out all the facts and interesting details of an upcoming premiere and various prospects and predictions concerning its success.


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