Real Steel 2

Will there be a sequel to Real Steel, an action movie about the fighting robots? If the answer is yes, when we’ll have a chance to watch it on the big screen? Have there been any official statements on Real Steel 2? Get answers to these questions in the article below.
Real Steel 2

Real Steel and its success

Although it might seem that we saw Hugh Jackman in Real Steel very recently, the first Real Steel film premiered in 2011. Once it hit the theaters, the movie became overly successful and earned good ratings from the audience and reviewers alike. General reception of Real Steel was a great thing, but the budget and a Best Achievement in Visual Effects Academy Awards nomination did their magic. With the budget of $110 million, the film managed to collect more than $300 million. These facts gave a push to the talks on continuation of the story and making the second movie. The sequel was planned, but no approximate release date was known.
Real Steel 2

Real Steel 2 announcement

The official announcement followed in May 2013 from the film’s producers. Again, they did not give the release date, but they mentioned about including the original crew in the making of the second part. Hugh Jackman will also star in Real Steel 2. He said that the story of the original film was not evolved to some conclusive point, and there are too many questions regarding the fates both of Atom and of a relationship between the son and his father.
Real Steel 2

The ambitions of Real Steel 2

All hopes are that the producers manage to get a fair budget to make a decent action movie. The film’s robots will develop by the time, and the use of the most current technology is crucial, especially if the filmmakers want to surpass the first part and go beyond a mere nomination.
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