Are you eager to learn about the Deadpool release date? Let us see what we know about the upcoming superhero action movie.

Deadpool confirmed by the Fox Company

Deadpool is supposed to be the 8th film of the X-Men superhero movie series from Marvel. It was planned to make the movie, but the creators decided to tease the fans with a trailer first. The latter gathered lots of positive reviews and gained approval from the fans.
The Fox Company has issued an official statement where they confirmed the making of Deadpool. The company representatives stated that the movie will be directed by Tim Miller, and the main character will be played by Ryan Reynolds. The release has also been scheduled for the 12th of February 2016.

Release of the trailer to Deadpool

There is a curious story with the trailer that appeared on the web seemingly by accident. The fans speculate that it was on purpose, and that the film company just wanted to see the reaction to their new product before finalizing it. Everybody, including the lead actor Ryan Reynolds, were excited by such a great response. Reynolds posted a comment telling he is relieved to know that they are not the only people fascinated by the new film and its main character.
Although the film was initially planned as a part of the X-Men series, it might start a totally new Marvel movie franchise. Follow our news to learn more about the film’s further fate.
Have you seen the trailer? Are you waiting for Deadpool on the big screen?

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