Real Steel 2 Waiting for the Release Date


After Real Steel was released in 2011, many of us have been waiting for the sequel to be released on the big screens. So when can be watch Real Steel 2, and what are the news on the second chapter?


The sequel to Real Steel was announced in May 2013. Although the release date is yet undecided, the filming was known to be started in fall 2014. What’s most important, the majority of the original film crew will participate in the creation of the Real Steel sequel. For instance, Hugh Jackman will star in Real Steel 2, which is quite expected as he expressed an opinion that the first movie did not have the chance to develop properly. Neither the story of a father-son relationship, nor the the fate of the robot were brought to some logical conclusion.


Real Steel and its success

The first film was out in 2011. Immediately after its release, it’s become a success among common viewers and occasional movie-goers, and it was also warmly received by the critics. With the budget of slightly over $100 million, the film has grossed $300 million worldwide. Moreover, Real Steel got an Oscar nomination for its visual effects, which contributed significantly to the overall success of the film. It was before the film-related dust settled that the Internet exploded with discussions on the possibility of making Real Steel into a franchise. Currently, the fans of the movie are still wondering whether there will be a part two.


If you liked the first Real Steel movie, then you have every chance to see the second part very soon. It is extremely likely that the film will receive proper funding which is enough to maintain the professional level of special effects. We will keep you updated on all important news when we hear any. So keep checking on us!

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