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The third part of Purge movie series is coming out in the middle of summer. The film is expected to be frightening  & uncomfortable for the nervous system as usual.

The Purge: Election Year release date is considered to be on July 1, 2016. There is no news about The Purge: Election Year release date on Bluray and DVD – probably it will happen in the end of summer. At the same day by the way there is the launch of BFG cartoon in the USA.


The director  & the writer of screenplay of The Purge: Election Year premiere remain unchangeable. It’s the one  & the just James DeMonaco whom we must thank for the excellent previous parts of franchise.

In the third part of franchise few individuals are going to show up again. As for instance, Frank Grillow, who starred in the second part, but we know him mostly for his role in “Captain America”. In the second chapter he played the role of a heroic Sergeant. Maybe the producers had a second thought  & decided the the line must be continued in any case  & by the same actor. Elizabeth Mitchell, Edwin Hodge, Betty Gabriel are additionally  to reprise their roles in The Purge: Election Year premiere.


There has been 2 years since Leo Barns stifled his craving to exact retribution on Purge Night get passed. At this moment he works for the congressperson as her bodyguard.

The congressperson Charlie Roan is tired of the so titled Purge Nights, 12 hours of political agitation and homicides for what nobody will inevitably be dependable in the morning. They are directed every year. They are made by the New Leaders of America to keep the state solid. The thing is the Night which is held once in a year gives an open door all to the individuals from society to forward out all his abhorrent senses keeping in mind the end goal to seek after the state laws and guidelines behaving in an appropriate way before the next year as the standard Purge Night is discharged in.

As the result of bad form Roan ends up on Washington avenues as only one all the more unnerving Purge Night starts. She and her insurance Leo Barns should experience the most awful hours in their lives or yield for their wrongdoings against the nation. What exactly their sudden risky experience is going to lead them, we will become more acquainted with the mid-year.

Interesting Facts

The makers of The Purge: Election Year premiere guarantee and the trailer demonstrates the way that the third piece of establishment will be generally reached out as far as plot and the universe. The group of onlookers will become acquainted with significantly more data about the "New Leaders of America". Accordingly, the third part will accomplish the most noteworthy crest of establishment achievement.

The amazement drop of trailer for Universal Pictures’ The Purge: Election Year uncovers the accompanying startling part which happens more than 12 hours of yearly rebellion authorized by the New Leaders of America to keep the nation superior.

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The Purge: Election Year Release Date

The Purge: Election Year Release Date

The Purge: Anarchy – Theatrical Trailer (Official – HD)

The Purge: Election Year – Official Trailer

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