The Purge 3 Release Date

The Purge 3 release date

The Purge 3 release date was announced. The details are disclosed further.

Fans really liked The Purge and the sequel. Although critics have apprehended both movies as not cool enough, the box office’s ratings of both movies was quite large and many times exceeded the budget of the two parts. And now we can say that the third film will be premiered and June 29, 2016. At the moment, we are shooting and are already known to cast the picture. What to expect from The Purge 3 premiere?

The Plot:

The plot of the first two parts revolves around the law, which issued a new US government, known as the New Founding Fathers. This law says that during the night of 19th of March any crime and murder is considered legitimate and won’t be punished. It incites people to reveal their violence and a kind of cleaning when people decide who is worthy of death.

The Purge 3 release date was announced

In the third movie, you will see such actors as Elizabeth Mitchell, best known for her roles in various television projects and Frank Grillo, who starred in the second part. The director of the upcoming movie was James De Monaco, who also worked on the script.

The Purge 3 release date was announced and scheduled for June 29, 2016.
The release date of The Purge 3 on Bluray and DVD will happen at the end of summer of 2016.
While waiting, please watch The Purge 2 trailer:

Do you like this franchise? Will you watch the third movie?

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