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Brief characteristics of Psycho Hiker

The first release date was in USA on June 12, 2012. The movie is made in black and white color. The effect is putting it closer to Alfred Hitchcock mysterious movies and with characters of the same aptitude.

Psycho Hiker creators

Ryan Farrell and Rick Foster who are acting as main directors and writers of the series. Their cooperation has managed to release a great drama-thriller with horror elements and gloomy atmosphere. They are really experts in producing old-style classic psycho series-thriller and a full movie Psycho Hiker vs. Michael Myers year of 2012.

Psycho Hiker cast stars

The main character is spontaneous, hilarious and deep-gloomy. Bob Hauser as a main star of the series very professionally plays a classic psychopath. He is also the main character of Psycho Hiker vs. Michael Myers movie. The starts of Psycho Hiker crew are Curt Mummer and Stephanie Bilharz.

The plot description of Psycho Hiker Series

The story starts very naïve as two friends are hanging around till run up against a stranger who appeared to be a psychopath hitchhiker. Their attempt to escape arouses interest of the psycho and he decides to take revenge and played his games with new acquaintances. But soon the guys understand that they are ankle-deep in psycho`s web.

Release date details

Episodes are called parts the list of which continues each season. Now the TV-series is made up of eight parts. Purchase the Psycho Hiker release date on October 9, 2016 in USA.

Promo Art

Psycho Hiker 2nd Teaser Trailer

Psycho Hiker (Part IV) Trailer

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