Poltergeist 2 Release Date

Poltergeist 2 release date

Poltergeist 2 release date has been confirmed since the first movie was quite successful.

When should we wait from Poltergeist 2 premiere? What will happen in the sequel?
Poltergeist is the new mystical thriller, where angry spirits are attacking people. The plot of the first movie was not new, as in the most horror movies, it focuses on the couple with children moves into a large house, where they plan to live happily ever after, but they soon realize that the house is built on an old cemetery. But spirits disturb the peace of the family. Ominously configured, they take the daughter from the hands of her family and they need to throw all their forces to rescue the little girl.
Because the movie was shot pretty well and got a lot of good reviews, the filmmakers got the opportunity to think about the sequel. While it is difficult to say anything about the second part, as long as there were no official statements from the leadership of the movie.

Poltergeist 2 release date has been confirmed

It is hard to predict Poltergeist 2 release date but probably it will happen not earlier than in 2017.
The same confirmation we should expect about Poltergeist 2 release date on Bluray and DVD.
While waiting watch Poltergeist 1 movie trailer 2:

Did you like the movie? Do you want to watch the sequel?

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