Pitch Perfect 3 (2017)

In December 2017, we are destined to follow the third part of the comedy franchise that revolves around a girl who is striving to become a singer despite all the prohibitions from her father. What will the third part tell us about? Only in a year, we will get to know this. Thus, let’s arm ourselves with patience and wait for the premiere.

Behind-the-scene Crew

From Universal Pictures specifically, Pitch Perfect 3 is going to appear in the future. The replaced cast will create the comedy. In particular, another director is now leading the process of the story fabrication. What is the name of this newcomer? It is Trish Sie! In this past September, this unexpected and breaking news has been exposed. What can it lead to? Surely, we can expect another approach applied to the story. But relying on her experience, there is no doubting that the narrative won’t be less brilliantly conveyed. The scriptwriter is the same, by the way, named Kay Cannon.

Production Issues

In 2015, it was confirmed that the third part would be launched in the future come rain or shine. At the same month, we were lucky enough to get to know that the story would appear on screens starting from July 21, 2017, with Kendrick and Wilson coming back. In general, all characters are set to return to the third part and this cannot but please the loyal followers of the comedy.
Nevertheless, not everything was so perfect. In September 2015, we were acknowledged that the release date would be shifted to August 4, 2017. On May 2016, the premiere was again postponed. What is the exact release date, as of today?
The start of the filming is dated back to the middle of this year. So, we may not worry about even the possibility of the future launch. The story is underway.

Is the Performance Cast the Same?

Anna Kendrick has signed a contract also and has reprised her lead role. Among other beloved performers, you will see also Hailee Steinfeld, Elizabeth Banks, Rebel Wilson, Britanny Snow, and Ryan Seacrest.
Pitch Perfect 3 (2017) Cast

Getting Wise of Principal Aspects of the Story

Beca Mitchell, the main heroine of the story, is dreaming of becoming a singer though her father is holding the opposite point-of-view making her daughter enter the college so that she will get a good education.
When attending college already, she starts understanding that the life is giving a chance to her to fulfill her dream. She joins Barden University’s all-female a cappella group entitled as the Barden Bellas and since then her life begins changing for better.

When can we expect the release of the third part of the comedy franchise?

In this September 2016, the developers have shifted the launch of the third part for the second time. As for now, the Pitch Perfect 3 release date is considered to be December 22, 2017, in the USA. Let’s hope that there will be no shifts anymore. Stay tuned for more updates regarding this project.


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