Perfect Pitch 3 Release Date

Perfect Pitch 3 release date

Perfect Pitch 3 release date was confirmed. The details are given below.

The plot is the most common of the ordinary university student. One day she finds a talent for singing. And it is not just talent, a true vocation because the girl a special passion for singing without musical accompaniment, that is, acappella. The main character is very cold belongs to all fraternities, which are formed at the university. It does not apply to any company and did not regret it.
However, the main character cannot live without music and singing. She dreams of becoming an employee of one of the most famous record companies in Los Angeles.
Already there were two parts of Perfect Pitch. And all because many viewers interested in the history of how talented people are becoming international celebrities, then it’s worth it, and what obstacles stand in their way.

Perfect Pitch 3 release date was confirmed

It has become known that the studio is in talks with Universal Pictures preventative’s Kay Cannon, who wrote the script for the first two parts of Perfect Pitch franchise. This means that it is possible we will soon see a new story of a talented person.
Unfortunately, there is no information about the plot of Perfect Pitch 3 premiere, as well as the cast is yet. It will appear in the nearest future.
Perfect Pitch 3 release date is scheduled for July 21, 2017.
DVD release date of Perfect Pitch 3 is planned for august of 2017.
Perfect Pitch 3 release date on Bluray is planned for fall of 2017.
Watch Perfect Pitch 2 trailer 2:

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