Ouija: Origin of Evil

As a new horrific tale from Universal Pictures, Ouija: Origin of Evil is following 2014’s sleeper hit that opened at number one. The launch date is already defined as October 21, 2016. So be ready to be captured by an autumn horror as usual.

Brief review

At first, we would likely to mention that fall 2016 is expected to be the holiday season for the fans of the horror genre as the majority of movies premiering in the upcoming rainy period of time will be referred to this type of stories specifically. So be ready to visit theaters more often than usually if you are the admirer of scaring projects.
Ouija: Origin of Evil Poster
Getting back to this particular one, first and foremost that should be noted and is of vital concern is that the studio behind this movie is called Universal Pictures. This, in fact, can make us believe in the future success that can be supposedly gained.
The directorial issues are resolved here by Mike Flanagan with him being also included in the list of the project scriptwriters. So apart from him, there is one more person who is also deserving respect for creating this project. He is named Jeff Howard.
The acting crew comes to be composed of Elizabeth Reaser, Annalise Basso, Henry Thomas, and Lulu Wilson.
The genre of the story combines parts from thrillers and horror films and consequently, it cannot be allowed to be watched by children who have not achieved the age of 13 years so far. Teenagers are included in the target audience only in the case adults are near while viewing it.
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Describing story particulars

It has not been considered as a game ever. As following 2014’s sleeper hit that opened at number one, Ouija: Origin of Evil is to propose the audience the lore of the spirit board making us submerge into a terrifying new tale.
However, let’s not beat around the bush getting back to the meat of the story. The plot is set amidst previous century if to be more concrete in 1965. The place for action is Los Angeles. At that time, a family consisting of a single widowed mother and her two daughters adds a new stunt to bolster their s?ance scam business and all of a sudden without desiring this invite an evil power into their home.
When the youngest of two daughters being brought without their dead father is caught by the merciless spirit, this small family is confronted by unimaginable fears to take her back and send her new owner back to the evil side of the world.
Ouija: Origin of Evil Cast

When can we expect the formal launch all over the world?

The official launch throughout the world is slated now for October 21, 2016. For today, it is the most up-to-date info regarding the Ouija: Origin of Evil release date. Before the premiere has not taken place, we have many chances to follow trailers, as well as to watch posters in order to create a full picture in our minds concerning this project. Surely, this information can be of use only for those who appreciate the horrific atmosphere of suspense that makes your knees tremble while, as well as after watching the story. Follow us in the case some additional installments are exposed.


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