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Within the boundlessness of the Internet, one can find really great news! The adventurous Now You See is turning back to the theaters all over the world in the form of a sequel.

Background and cast

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Produced in the genre of a detective heist thriller, Now You See Me hit the cinema world in the middle of 2013. The directory matters were given to Louis Leterrier.
In fact, the feature film was produced by the USA collaborating with France. The starring cast consists of such big manes as Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, M?lanie Laurent, Michael Caine and surely the one and the only Morgan Freeman. Though the reviews from critics were of mixed types, the film gained a great popularity obtaining a box office success in cinemas all around the world.
The plot of the story comes to be very labyrinthine and its outlet is to be clear only at the very end of the story. And frankly speaking, it is much unexpected.
The movie expands on the adventures of The Four Horsemen that are considered to be a team of the most experienced illusionists. However, the person who has gathered them is unknown. This stranger managed to make these illusionists who have worked always alone take a keen interest in the adventurous collaboration. For what purpose was this team created? And what is that strange person?
The principal characters and their magnificent tricks including heists of famous billionaires are of Robin Hood style.
It is only them, who possess the best skills of creating illusions, who are able to cope with the task that is clarified only at the end of the film.
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What can we expect from the sequel?

The Now You See Me 2 exact release date is now announced. It is June 10, 2016, in the USA.
The Four Horsemen come back to be involved in a second incredible adventure. Their level of illusionist skills increased greatly since the first chapter of the film. Now the will expand their abilities around the entire globe.
Their goal now is to reveal the unethical work of a tech magnate. Their enemy is named Walter Mabry (played by the way by Daniel Radcliff). This tech magnate threatens the Horsemen to defeat them by means of performing the most impossible heist yet. Their only desire is to create one last unseen trick to reveal their names and the true instigator behind it all.

Have the developers truly announced for the release of the third part of a franchise?

On the Internet, there float some rumors that the third part of the film is already at the beginning of production despite the fact that the second chapter has not seen the light yet. So what is going on here? Is a kind of a trick as in the story itself?
Fortunately, this news is not considered to be an illusion. According to the official information, the work on the third part of a project has been already started as the developers are sure that Now You See Me 2 will pull in a great amount of box office dough. Thus, we should look forward to the launch of two new parts of the story.

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